Chou Hallegra ("Be Well Lady"), Founder & CEO of Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC, is a mental health specialist and a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) trainer and consultant passionate about promoting wellbeing and belonging for all, one individual and one organization at a time.

Among her many accomplishments, Chou holds the following certifications:
– Certified Racial Equity Consciousness Institute (RECI) Facilitator
– Certified Leadership Trainer, Coach, and Speaker
– Licensed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Trainer
– Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
– Certified Employee Performance Coach
– Certified Mindfulness Coach and Trainer  

– Licensed Trainer for Trauma-Informed Care
Certified QPR Instructor (Suicide Prevention)
– Certified Cognitive- Behavioral Group Therapist
– Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider
– Certified in the Discovery Process of Customized Employment
– Certified Trainer for Person-Centered Thinking

Chou is committed to helping busy professionals reduce stress, be more productive, and find balance and purpose in life. She also helps organizations become more efficient and profitable as they implement effective strategies to ensure wellbeing and belonging for all. Additionally, Chou has provided support to diverse educational organizations (Early Intervention initiatives, Head Start programs, K-12 schools, and universities), as well as for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental agencies worldwide. With a lot of lived experiences that make her relatable, Chou connects to the heart and impacts transformational change for individuals, organizations, and communities. She goes beyond providing information to empowering individuals to achieve mental and emotional wellness, reach their full potential, and live fulfilling lives. Chou can be reached at or 717-216-0230.    


She has over two decades of experience in human services, supporting individuals impacted by mental health challenges, substance use disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities (including autism), homelessness, and more. She completed a master’s degree in Human Services with a specialization in Executive Leadership at Liberty University and a post-graduate program in Rehabilitation Counseling at Utah State University.


Chou has been facilitating trainings and workshops for over a decade. She has spoken at national and international conferences, led workgroups for state and federal agencies, and committed her life to helping others be more and do more. Her interactive presentations are best described as “hands-on workshops” in which participants not only learn more about self-care, relaxation, stress reduction and the development of inner strength but also create a personalized action plan to help them achieve emotional and spiritual wellness. She empowers her audience to build resilience and embrace growth, regardless of their circumstances.

Some of her workshop topics include:

  • Getting the Best Out of Your E.A.P. (Employee Assistance Program)
  • Mental Health as a D.E.I Priority: Stories & Strategies from the Field
  • Navigating Workforce Reduction Impacts
  • Managing Communications & Wellbeing in Times of National/Regional Distress
  • Everyone At The Table (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training)
  • Introduction to Trauma Informed Care
  • Mental Health & the Black Community
  • From Time Management to Self Management
  • Work-life Balance: Myth, Fad, or Lifestyle?
  • The Stress R.E.L.I.E.F. Method
  • Breaking the Cycle of Me, Myself & I: Beating Loneliness from the Inside Out
  • Your 5 steps to Achieving Emotional Wellness
  • Depression 101 (Beat the Blues)
  • Beyond Diagnoses: Living fulfilling lives in Spite of Our Challenges
  • Worry Be Gone: How to Make Anxiety Work for You
  • The power of Self-Compassion​ 

What others say
about us

Chou helped me to get started on things I;ve been needing to do for years that I was too overwhelmed to face. She is a great coach without judgement. Now she;s helping me keep at it instead of give up. Thank you, Chou!

Rae & Hower

Chou and her staff are very professional and a true blessing to work with. She;s helped to transform my mental health journey. I;m now able to pass my experiences onto others just as she has. She’s was there when I didn;t know who else to turn to during a very tough time in my life. She went above and beyond when I was in need. She was out of town at a conference and made the time to call me! I’m so thankful for her!

Megan Sieber

I love how realistic they are. The advice and guidance they offer are things that are really possible, not just pie in the sky. Chou is so friendly and approachable and really inspirational.

Catherine Siris

Chou Hallegra is a highly professional and knowledgeable leader in the disability community. In addition to her own lived-experiences, she has also invested in years of professional education and training which provide solid foundation on which she establishes her offerings. I highly recommend Chou;s as a trustworthy and valuable advocate.

Mai Ling Chan

Chou from Grace & Hope Consulting, is a true pleasure to work with. Her professionalism, can-do spirit and love for others is evident in all she does. Chou is able to focus in on the final details of a project, lead with positivity and empowers others to stick to deadlines through open communication and ongoing correspondence. Chou has brought a project to life that’s been on my heart for over three years. If you are looking for someone to support you at any stage in life, I would highlight recommend Chou from Grace and Hope Consulting.

Tracy Loken Weber

Such a honor and a privilege to work with Chou and her amazing team! Chou goes out of her way to be responsive, supportive and encouraging as a publisher, consultant and coach! I highly recommend her services!

Stephanie Miller

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