Reinvent Yourself: Solve All Those Problems You Have Been Avoiding

January 18, 2024by GHC Team0

Yeah, I’ll get to that tomorrow. Yet, when tomorrow comes, that thing you didn’t want to do, doesn’t look any more enjoyable. So, you push it off again…and again, and again. Pretty soon those problems you keep pushing off have taken up permeant residence in your life.

Can you relate? 

How many problems have you been avoiding? 

If you have been avoiding your problems, cut yourself some slack. You’re not alone. But you also have an opportunity. An opportunity to reinvent yourself by solving all those problems you have been avoiding.

Identify What You Are Avoiding

You may have been avoiding your problems for so long that you no longer know what they are. These problems may have been packed away so deep that they are hidden under many layers of material. Your first step in this reinvention needs to be identifying what problems you have been avoiding. 

Our emotions can be a gauge to indicate if we have been avoiding any problems. When performing the evaluation your problem, check-in with yourself to see if there are associated feelings of fear, anxiety, or pain. If so, this may indicate that you have been avoiding this problem.

Another indicator can be the amount of time this problem has been in your life. Not all problems resolve on the same time table, but ask yourself if your problem been around significantly longer than others similar problems. If so, this may also indicate that your avoiding this problem.

Start With The Easiest Problem First

Now that you have identified those problems that you are avoiding, start by tackling the easiest problem first. There is no need to try and take down the giant right out of the gait. You are already at a disadvantage here so take the low hanging fruit.

This strategy is more about building your confidence and gaining some momentum. Solving a few problems allows you to gain confidence that change is possible. 

So, start small and build from there. By the time you have reached the mothership of all problem, you are poised and ready for that challenge.

Divide and Conquer 

Most of these problems have been avoided for a reason. To think that you are going to solve these problems in one giant sweep, is probably unlikely.

Instead, break your problem up into smaller and more manageable tasks. Are there smaller steps you can take to solve this problem? Does this problem have multiple parts? Being able to break your problem into achievable milestones increase your likelihood of success.

Tackle One Step A Day

So far you have identified the problems you have been avoiding, you ordered them from smallest to largest, and you have broken each of them up into manageable steps. However, this still can feel like a daunting task. Especially when you are just entering the action phase.

Have no fear, just put one foot in front of the other. You accomplish this by tackling just one step or task per day. Hey, you have avoided solving this problem this long, there is no reason to start fretting about speed here. 

Identify what the one task is that you can accomplish today. This is like taking one brick down a day from the top of the wall. Before you realize it, the wall is demolished.

Procrastination only causes more problems. Face it head on and eliminate this habit.

Solving the problems that you have been avoiding is the ultimate in reinventing yourself. It is all about growing, improving, and changing. Nothing accomplishes this more than solving those problems that you have been avoiding. 

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