Reinvent Yourself: Remove All That Is in Your Way

January 17, 2024by GHC Team0

“The fastest way from point A to point B is a straight line,” the saying goes. If you want to get from where you are to where you want to be, then go directly. Sometimes this advice is easier said than done. 

Oftentimes there seems to be a lot of barriers between point A and B. That straight line seems to be impossible. Therefore, you end up taking the long way around to get to your destination. While there may be some unavoidable barriers on your path, most of the time the clutter in your way just needs to be removed.

Sweep it away, shove it to the side, and clear your path. You do not need to take the long way around. Initiate the process of reinventing yourself by removing all that things in your life that are in your way. 

Don’t be Afraid to Let Go

Fear can have a positive or a negative influence on you. At times, fear can motivate you positively by helping you achieve your goals. Fear can also motivate you negatively by hindering you from letting go of things that are holding you back.

What if can be a cancerous start to any thought process. Dwelling on the what if puts your focus on the obstacle in your way and not the goal you are moving towards. The fear associated with what if only entrenches the thing that is in your way.

Don’t be afraid to let go of the what ifs. Focus instead on what you want. For example, rather than thinking “what if I start my own business and then get into financial trouble,” you should think, “what I want to achieve is independence in time, finances, and passion, therefore I will open my open business.”

You must not be afraid to let go of the fear that is littering your path to success. This is a necessary key to reinventing yourself. 

Keep an Open Hand

Holding onto things in life creates an environment in which your emotional hands are clenched closed. When you’re holding onto things, you’re not able to use your hands for anything else. 

In order to remove the things that are in your way, your hands need to be free and functioning. An open hand is free to move what needs to be moved. It can clear your path. 

Get A Pair of Glasses

Sometimes we need help to see clearly. This is particularly true when it comes to seeing what is truly in your way. Being able to see this may require the help of a friend, mentor, or advisor. They can often identify the things we are not able to see.

The help of a guide is particularly helpful when moving the smaller things that are in your way. Your own eyes can typically identify the larger items in your path. The smaller things can be a more difficult to see. But lots of little items cluttering your way can slow you down just as much as one large boulder.

Do the Heavy Lifting

At the end of the day, moving the things that are in your way requires that you do some heavy lifting. There is going to be sweat, effort, and maybe even a little pain. But what positive or advantageous thing doesn’t require these things? There is just no way around the hard work. So, roll up your sleeves and get to it.

The fastest way from point A to point B is a straight line. To travel in a straight line, you need to remove the things that are in your way. To achieve your goals, you don’t need to take the long way around. Reinvent yourself and take the fast route to success.

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