Reinvent yourself: Eliminating Old Baggage

January 15, 2024by GHC Team0

When traveling on a major airline, you are typically allowed only one piece of baggage to bring with you. But it does not stop there. Not only are you allowed only one bag, its weight needs to be under a certain amount. Why is that? Why can’t we all just bring whatever it is we want? 

Well, if a plane is loaded down with too much baggage, it won’t be able to take off and fly. Or worse, if the plane does get air borne, it may crash under the weight of its load. You see too much baggage on a plane is detrimental to safe operation, it can also be fatal.

The same can be true of personal baggage that we all carry around. Too much baggage, and we will either not be able to take off and travel to new places, or we will crash and burn in the process. 

An essential ingredient in reinventing yourself is eliminating old baggage. Here is your pre-flight check list to identify what your old baggage is and what to do with it.

Packing Light Allows For Quick Action

What advantages are there to eliminate your baggage? Quite simply it allows for you to react and respond rapidly. When you are unloaded from unnecessary baggage you can respond to new opportunities that are presented to you quickly and timely. You won’t miss out on opportunities because you are stuck behind a wall of baggage. 

Identify The Essentials

What are the things that you absolutely need to accomplish your goals? What are the essentials pieces in your life that contribute to your success and wellbeing? Once you have identified those, throw the rest out. The essentials are the only things that you need to succeed.

Non-essential baggage in your life only take up space. It clutters your thoughts and actions and prevents you from moving forward. 

Maximize Your Packing

Much of your baggage may be redundant. There is absolutely no need to carry around and extra set of fear, regret, or need for control. One pair can get the job done for all occasions. So, what are the situations or relationship in life that you can let go of that are redundant lessons or experiences in your life? 

There Is An Upgrade At Your Destination

You don’t need to bring everything with you in order to get where you are going. As a matter of fact, your destination might have an upgraded version of what you currently have. So why bring it?

Instead of holding onto our current baggage, let go of it in anticipation of what is ahead of you. Prepare for something that is better for than what you currently possess.

Things Don’t Last Forever

Nothing last forever, and it’s not supposed to. When you are holding onto your old baggage you are holding onto an outdated version. The baggage that you are carrying was not meant to meet the needs of your entire life’s travel. For a time, it may have been useful, and it may have had a purpose. But it is OK to let it go, when the it has fulfilled its purpose.

Your Baggage May Look Different

Everyone’s baggage looks different. Why? Because we all have different needs and are traveling on different roads. Be concerned with your needs and not the baggage others are carrying. At times, other people’s baggage may look attractive and even useful. 

But the question to ask, is “what are your needs?”  It’s OK if your baggage looks different than others. Get rid of your old baggage, and don’t spend time worrying about others.

Don’t Pick your Baggage Up

Sometimes it’s best to not pick-up your baggage at all. Once you have set it down, leave it there. If you pick it up it might not be easy to put it down again. Do yourself a favor and don’t pick-up your old baggage. Leave it spinning on the carousel as you fly on the new adventure of reinventing yourself.

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